I am a retailer and I would like to purchase Bananafish bedding for my store. How can I purchase from you?
Please send an inquiry to info@bananafish.com.

I am a consumer and I would like to purchase Bananafish bedding for my home.  How can I purchase from you?
We do not sell directly to consumers at this time.  You can find Bananafish bedding and nursery products at fine retailers and e-tailers across the nation.

Is it safe to allow a baby to sleep in a crib with Bananafish bedding?
Only a fitted sheet, mattress pad, and/or waterproof pad should be used under a baby in their crib. Pillows, quilts, comforters and the like should be removed from the sleeping area. Bananafish comforters and quilts should be used for decoration only. For details on baby safety, please visit the website of the Juvenile Products Manufacutrer’s Association.

I bought one of your products and would like to replace or exchange it.
Please contact info@bananafish.com and be sure to include the name of your product, the reason for replacement, and the name of the retailer from whom you originally purchased the product.

Who do I contact with questions about your products?
You can contact us by clicking here or emailing us at info@bananafish.com. You can also reach us at 1-800-899-8689.

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